Here’s a quick bit of ‘Sexual Math’ they definitely didn’t teach you in high school, college or university!

Pay attention:

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– The more ‘Orgasm Techniques’ you know – the easier it’ll be to keep the ‘Bedroom Fun’ interesting and exciting…

All of which = More Orgasm for your woman

Now, here’s the really nice bit…

The more ORGASMS you give your woman…

In a wide variety of ways…

The more she’ll ENJOY the ‘action’ – and the more she’ll want to ‘Return the Favor’ and make you HAPPY.

Which = more blow jobs, threesomes, ‘back door fun’ and all the other stuff you really wanna do in the bedroom

Who said math was boring? 😉

It’s GREAT (at least when you apply it to women)

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Your friend,

Lloyd Lester

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